Nettoyage tete de fut de biere EcoFass

Keg heads must be cleaned before the first use and after each use* following the procedure described below. Simply immersing the keg heads is not sufficient; using the tapping coupler to clean the keg heads makes it possible to clean the inside surfaces of the keg head that come into contact with beer.

  1. 1 minute pre-wash in cold water
  2. Chlorinated alkaline wash (closed circuit): DIVOSAN TC86
  3. Concentration: 1.5 to 2 %
  4. Wash temperature: 50 to 55°C
  5. Wash time: 3 minutes
  6. Cold water wash (emptying through drain): 2 minutes
  7. Drying of interior of keg head with filtered air or CO2
  8. Final disinfection with rinse-free DIVODES FG

*To be carried out immediately upon return to avoid caked-on dirt on the keg heads

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